Excess baggage or unaccompanied


Whether you are starting a new adventure abroad or returning home from an international experience, at Travelcargo we know that as a passenger, sometimes you simply have more personal items to take with you than the usually allowed 20kg of luggage.

When this occur, you find yourself in the situation of having to leave your valuables behind or paying additional costly fees to the airlines for your excess baggage.

Travelcargo can help you sending your excess baggage as airfreight instead!   Air cargo rates to Asia, Australia and South America are often about 1/4 the corresponding airline’s excess baggage fee!

The best cost-effective option is to send the goods as airfreight (cargo) from the airport terminal to the terminal of the destination airport. Upon arrival you will just need to collect your goods at the freight terminal and pay the local terminal charges.

In addition, we offer pick-up and packing of the goods if necessary, and at most destinations we have representatives who can clear customs for you and deliver your luggage directly to your apartment or hotel.


For amounts under 100kg, you can check the price list here. Otherwise fill out our quotation request online.

Using Travelcargo excess baggage services will save you time, effort and money. 


  • Just fill out the measurements of your boxes/suitcases using our volume calculator and compare the result with the actual weight. Once you have the weight, check our price list to get an idea of your costs. (For up to 100kg)
  •  If your destination is not on the list or the weight that you want to send exceeds 100kg, ask for a quotation directly from our customer service or fill out the quotation form.
Fill out our quotation request and we will contact you shortly!