Our ISO quality Policy

The most important VALUES of our company are:  excellence and reliability in our service, responsibility and honorability in everything we do and our genuine care for our customers.

Our company MISSION is to ensure that we provide our customers outstanding global transportation and freight forwarding customized solutions, delivering our services with delicacy, quality and accuracy. We work closely with our network partners to provide a service which is based on reliability, high levels of service and the trustful execution of the requirements of our clients. Entrepreneurial vision, personal engagement concerning all customer needs, excellent relations worldwide, the responsible handling of all goods and a distinctive sense for the logistically viable are values that guide us and our netwok partners.

Top management of Travelcargo International Removals is fully committed and takes account for the effectiveness of the Management System. It ensures the availability of the required resources.

We realize and measure our quality and our quality objectives within the range of our services in the removals business, and use these tools to evaluate our services by customer satisfaction and to provide a continual improvement of our quality management system at all levels within the organisation.

Travelcargo International Removals has implemented the Euromovers documented Quality Management System, designed to meet the requirements of the quality standards which are required within the removals industry.

Travelcargo International Removals Top management and employees are committed to fulfil this Quality Policy within the range of our individual’s area of responsibility. Travelcargo Top management will engage, direct and support persons to contribute to the effectiveness of the QMS accordingly. This Quality Policy and objectives will be reviewed annually by Top Management to ensure that they continue to fall in line with the overall company strategy and the Quality System in general.

We communicate our quality objectives to our employees and network partners. Each staff member / Employee is required to become familiar with the contents of this policy.

Top Management
Mattias Sjöberg

Vantaa 11/09/2019