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Travelcargo- our family

Travelcargo International Removals- these days a division of our mother company, ATC Global Solutions Oy Ab-  started in 2005 as a small family- owned business. Over the years, we have grown into gaining a significant place in the international removals  business in Finland and into the Finnish logistics market, but our roots remain the same. We still believe as when we started,  that hard work well-done, big dreams & illusion and a genuine care for our team and customers is the key to success.



Our Mission is to ensure that we provide our customers with outstanding global transportation and freight forwarding through customized solutions, making the world smaller for them. To deliver our services with delicacy, quality and accuracy maintaining the process cost-effective by using creative and innovative solutions.


Our Vision is to become the most competitive relocations and logistics provider in Finland. Keeping quality first, but being flexible and creative in our services.


The values we have at Travelcargo define who we are and how we work. They have remained the same since the start, and they will remain the same in the future, because we are convinced that working with high ethical standards is the only way to work.

These values include:

  • People first. We are a family company with strong family values which translates into caring and putting people first, no matter what, both customers and employees along with their families. We strive to give excellent customer service and we believe that it can only be achieved by providing a nice work-environment.
  • Excellence. Our standard is to deliver top quality services, working with expertise and being creative.
  • Responsibility: we believe that we have a responsibility with society and we keep it in mind in everything we do.
  • Honorability: we strive to find creative solutions that allows us to continue growing but that are cost-effective to the clients.
  • Reliability: 100% engagement in our work and services. Always.


Travelcargo International Removals,
– a division of –
ATC Global Solutions Oy Ab, VAT number: FI19936634
Manttaalitie 8, 01530
Vantaa, Finland
Monday-Friday: 8:00–16:00