Why insure your international removal?

When you book your international removal with us, we strive to provide you with the best possible service. We will take care of your household and personal items and pack them carefully. However, as you know, international removals are complicated operations. Your belongings are traveling by air, road or sea, and we cannot prevent external factors to affect the process.

Although rare, problems can arise, since there are several risks involved during each step of the journey. In international transports, goods are subjected to possible damage, even if we have packed them carefully and planned every step to the last detail.

Transport companies have limited liability in case of damage, and for that reason, it is recommended that you obtain an additional insurance coverage. This will ensure that you are covered in the unfortunate case of loss or damage.


What does the insurance cover?

Travelcargo International Removals works in cooperation with the well-known, If P&C Insurance Ltd (publ).  Please be aware that insurance is an additional service, so insurance fees are not automatically included in our removal transport and they are always quoted separately to you.

 • Household goods and regular personal belongings are covered by the offered insurance. In addition, you can insure vehicle(s), motorcycles and boats.

• Items or collections classified as valuable (exceeding a value of 5000 EUR), have to be noted and specified separately and the insurance terms have to be consulted beforehand with the insurance company.


If the goods have been packed professionally by us or another moving company accredited by Travelcargo International Removals we offer you a Full Coverage insurance ( ICC A). If you decide to pack your items yourself, you are entitled to a Basic Coverage insurance ( ICC C).

Basic Coverage Insurance offers a limited coverage based on Institute Cargo Clause ICC (C) terms. The insurance covers goods that the moving company has not packed. The insurance covers only specific risks such as traffic accidents, fire, theft and total loss.

Full Coverage Insurance offers coverage based on all risks listed by the Cargo Clause ICC (A) terms. Additionally, the insurance covers damage, breakage and partial damage.

Copies of the Institute Cargo Clauses – ICC -terms are available upon request.


How to evaluate the value of the goods?

It is important that you try to calculate the value of your belongings as accurate as possible. Value is set as current price.  Overpricing the goods would only result in unnecessary high costs for you and underpricing the goods would not give you full compensation in the unfortunate event of loss.

List the items that you are bringing and the estimated current value, using our insurance form.

For items and goods that are newer than five (5) years, the amount of loss is calculated on the basis of the replacement price of an equivalent piece of property. For items and goods that are more than five (5) years old, the amount of loss is calculated on the basis of its current price, which refers to the price of used property. The value of property is reduced by its age, use, negligence in servicing or maintenance and other relevant factors.


Determination of amount of loss with regard to specific objects

When compensating property listed below, the replacement value is reduced by annual deductions based on age.

  • Consumer electronics, other electronic appliances and optical instruments 9%
  • Bicycles 9%
  • Household appliances 7%
  • Other machinery and equipment 5%
  • Computer hardware 18%
  • Spectacles 18%
  • Sports gear and equipment 18%
  • Clothing and footwear 18%
  • Property of entrepreneurship 18%
  • Mobile phones and similar equipment 30%

The deduction is made from the replacement price of an equivalent item. Remember that every item should appear on the inventory/packing list in order to be insured. You should provide as much detail as possible and always declare your high value items.

How to make a claim?

In the unlikely event that your goods are lost in transit, we will assist you with the claim, and help you as much as possible during the process.

When your belongings are delivered to your final destination, we encourage you to check carefully that all the items have been delivery, and to go through them, to notice any visible damage and inform the delivery staff on site. Make sure any incidence is registered into the delivery documentation.

If during the following days you notice any other damage that was not reported during delivery time, you should notify it in writing within 30 days from delivery day.

Deductible in case of claim for removal goods is 200 EUR and for vehicles 400 EUR.

Where can I find more information?

Copies of the Institute Cargo Clauses – ICC -terms are available upon request.

As with all the documents regarding your international removal, we recommend you to go through all the information and request further explanations, if needed.






Disclaimer: Please remember that the information presented in this document is intended for informative purposes only. It may be wrong or outdated, and under no circumstances may it be considered binding. For full information regarding your insurance please read your insurance policy and terms.